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Salmon Hatchery

Quinsam Hatchery

The Quinsam Hatchery has been in operation since 1974 and is one of Canada’s largest salmon rearing facilities. Located just off of Highway 28, the Quinsam Hatchery is a great place to observe juvenile salmon all year and returning salmon from end-of-July to mid-November. Black bears are very common throughout the fall as well. They can often be observed fishing for salmon near the counting fence on the Quinsam River. Remember to exercise caution as you make your way around the great trail network in the area and to give the bears the respect and space they deserve!

Self-guided tours of the hatchery are open to visitors seven days a week from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Significantly boosting returns, the hatchery plays a vital role in restoring natural spawning runs to the Campbell/Quinsam Rivers as well as assisting production of other systems such as the Puntledge and Oyster rivers. Each year, four species of Pacific salmon and two species of sea run trout return to the Quinsam and Campbell Rivers to spawn.

Directions from Discovery Marine Safaris Office (760 Island Highway - on Highway 19)

  • Located 5 km from our office: Drive North on Highay 19
  • Turn on to Highway 28 (towards Gold River)
  • Turn left onto Quinsam Road and follow the signs to the hatcherie

Here is a link to Google Maps with a pin to Quinsam Hatchery