Whale Watching & Wildlife Safari

Marine Wildlife & Whale Watching Safari

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We are proud of our reputation for making the experience of our marine willdife & whale watching tours count for the sake of education, research and conservation. Our experienced, knowledgeable Captains and onboard naturalists are driven by the enthusiasm and anticipation of our guests as well as their own passion for our marine environment.

Our goal on all our willdife adventure tours is to offer you a memorable experience observing and listening in awe to the wildlife you see without disturbing their natural behaviour.

Marine Wildlife & Whale Watching Safari

Join us on a Half Day Tour (3.5 hours)

Departures from June through September 30 2021

Despite the ongoing uncertainty amidst current travel restrictions as we approach the 2021 season, our intention is to operate at least one tour per day based on demand. In general, it will be at 1 pm but we do have a few 8:30 am departures pre-scheduled. Please contact us for specific dates or see our tour schedule when you hit the "Book Now" button.

June - July 14 @ 1:00 pm (or 8:30 am)
July 15 - August 31 @ 8:30 am and/or 1:00 pm
September 2, 8,12, 18, 22 & 28 @ 1:00 pm, September 10 @ 8:30 am
June - July 14 @ 1:00 pm
July 15 - August 31 @ 8:30 am and 1:00 pm
September 1 - 30 @ 1:00 pm

Adult: $149.00
Child (0 - 11 yrs): $132.00

*Rate excludes: Conservation fees of $2.00 per person. A $1.00 fee for the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association Conservation Fund. This fund supports organizations who conduct marine conservation activities in the region. And a $1.00 fee for Wilderness International. We are proud to be joining the Wilderness International program and will be protecting 1 square metre of rainforest for every guest that joins us on a tour.


**Rate does not include a 6% covid-19 Recovery Fee and 5% GST.
Total Price including all Taxes & fees: Adults $167.84

Marine Wildlife & Whale Watching Safari

The diversity of wildlife and awe inspiring scenery that exists so close to Campbell River is unparalleled. We are ideally located near the south end of Discovery Passage. The marine environment is nutrient rich offering an ideal environment for marine mammals and an important habitat for Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and so much more!

At Discovery Marine Safaris we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion with everyone that visits this remarkable place that we call home. Our on board Marine Naturalists are some of the finest on the coast, continuously interacting with our guests and interpreting all that this diverse ecosystem has to behold. They also provide a spectacular presentation that is sure to inspire and move you! Our Captains have all spent most of their lives sailing the waters off BC’s coast. You won’t find more experienced, entertaining, or engaging mariners anywhere else.


Campbell River has quickly become one of the most popular marine wildlife viewing destinations in the world. Humpback Whales, once on the brink of extinction are now regularly seen on our tours. The fast flowing, nutrient rich waters of the surrounding area provide the perfect environment for herring and other small schooling fish on which the Humpbacks feed. Excitingly, some of the same individuals have been spotted year after year, allowing ongoing research and understanding of these majestic giants of the ocean.

It is also one of the best areas to see the Bigg's (or Transient), mammal-eating Killer Whale. The return of the Pacific Harbour Seal population has provided these whales with a great food source without having to travel long distances.

At times from mid-July through mid-September Northern Resident, fish-eating Killer Whales occupy the waters of eastern Johnstone Strait as they follow runs of Chinook salmon down the coast bound for the rivers where their lives began.

Travel in comfort and enjoy watching the whales forage for food or social surface activity with lots of tail and fin slapping. If you’re lucky perhaps even a full breach! Listen to the magical vocalizations of the whales with our on board hydrophone. The squeaks, squeals and whistles of the Killer Whales and the soothing yet elaborate song of the Humpback will give you goosebumps.

The quality and variety of sightings is really what makes Campbell River and northern Vancouver Island so unique. Sightings of Pacific White-Sided dolphins are common and can often be seen in large groups. Their highly acrobatic activity, always leave a lasting impression. Dall’s and Harbour Porpoise, Steller Sea Lions, Pacific Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles and several varieties of seabirds are all sighted regularly on our tours.

In addition to the rich and diverse wildlife, the scenery is spectacular. The Discovery Island region is steeped in history and home to 6 sets of ocean rapids! From the notorious Seymour Narrows (which can reach speeds of nearly 30km/hr) just north of Campbell River to the Arran Rapids at the entrance to Bute Inlet, watching the mighty torrent of white water, whirlpools and abundance of wildlife supported by these incredibly rich currents is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Don’t forget this is Canada! Even on a hot summer day it can be very cool on the water. The spacious, enclosed and heated cabins of our state of the art vessels ensure that you are always comfortable. Our boats also feature multiple viewing decks and WASHROOMS!!

Highlight of my Canada trip!

We went Whale Watching with Captain John and had such an amazing time! The weather was great and the scenery of the Coastal Mountains and Vancouver Island was just stunning! We saw three Orca families, the calves playing and jumping in the water. Definetely the highlight of the 4h trip! Captain John also took us to Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park where we saw different birds, eagles and sea lions. All in all a great experience with lots of information regarding the animals and the whole ecosystem. I can highly recommend doing this trip at least once in your lifetime!

Reviewed by Bente May 20, 2019 see full review on TripAdvisor

AMAZING TOUR. If you want to go whale watching, book with Discovery Marine

epic adventure out on the water, saw multiple humpback and Biggs orcas, harbour seals, seal lion and multiple species of birds. Great boat with amazing Captain John and naturalist Rolene. The boat has a inside portion with seating for 20 plus, in addition there is an outside, uncovered viewing area for 10 people to sit up top. The boat is very clean and includes a bathroom. We took both the 8 am and 1pm tours on the same day. What a day, it was super sunny and warm, the perfect day to sit up top, with camera and binoculars and enjoy the ocean and the wildlife. Captain John has lived in the area for years and told us lots of the history of the area while we cruised. Rolene the naturalist is great, has lots of knowledge of the local wildlife and explained differences in Orca types etc. We saw the Biggs Orcas (transient, mammal eaters) in a very large group. It was thrilling, to see them and watch them socialize. The tours are about 3.5 hours long, and they have water to drink. Most of us brought our own drinks and snack. I will be going back again next year for sure. Loved every second of this tour

Reviewed by Marla E July 20, 2019 see full review on TripAdvisor